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          Qingdao YuanFeng Tyre Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2003 is the earliest in the region to create the largest tire manufacturer, has over 1300 employees, professional and technical personnel 210 people, is composed of senior engineers, economists, and related professional and technical personnel professional groups, and has advanced modern detection equipment, mainly produces all steel radial tire annual production capacity of 8.8 million sets of steel radial tires. With the excellent situation of reform and opening up and the vitality of its own mechanisms, the company has accumulated many successful experiences and good at their long market economy has made remarkable achievements. 

          The company produces three series of various types of products won the national compulsory certification (CCC), china's product quality of security certification (HS). Best-selling domestic and foreign distributors, factory mining and transport by the user's trust, was named the "good faith business units, " the contract and credit enterprise "consumer satisfaction", "top ten private enterprise" and "private technology enterprise "honorary title. 

          'company "adhere to market regulations, specification price, efficient service, harmony and win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the "honesty, quality first" principle, manufacturing, better cost, adaptability of the best quality products. 

          President of the company with the staff sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad with the company to carry out various forms of mutually beneficial cooperation in business, harmony and win-win for a better future.
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